The opening ceremony of the HSK1-3 basic Chinese language online project has begun.


The opening ceremony of the HSK1-3 basic Chinese language online project has begun.

On April 26, 2023, Sino Thai Education Technology Company Limited together with Shanghai Ocean University organized a short-term Chinese language learning project training. Basic Chinese language HSK1-3 online format from 26 April – 28 July 2023, studying every Wednesday and Friday for a period of 3 months

Shanghai Ocean University is a university established in cooperation with the Municipality of Shanghai. State Oceanic Administration: SOA) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Also, the university It has also been selected as Double First Class “, the world's leading university ” and is “, a university with world-class fields of study ”, with fields of study that focus on various fields of research. Excellent teaching quality and the teaching curriculum of Shanghai Ocean University attractive andInteresting for Thai students It is believed that the participants in this training Not only will they be able to develop their Chinese language. But also had the opportunity to get to know the university's curriculum. To prepare for studying in China in the future as well

This training is a project at Shanghai Ocean University. The intention is to open this course to students in Thailand. We have prepared a team of teachers who have expertise in teaching. To help Thai students raise their Chinese language knowledge. Learn and understand Chinese culture more. Through the teaching of Professor Sun Lingling byThe teaching content focuses mainly on teaching Chinese. and inserting knowledge of Chinese culture as well. It is believed that students will open up a world of learning that is full of fun and many skills in Chinese language knowledge. From the beginning of studying, it is clear that Thai students are interested and awareof the importance of learning Chinese very much Learners are enthusiastic about answering questions in their studies and practicing their Chinese speaking skills with native English teachers.

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