Scholarship public relations work Krirk University, year 2023, was successfully completed.


Scholarship public relations work Krirk University, year 2023, was successfully completed.

January 26, 2023 from 7-8 pm. Sino Thai Education Technology Company Limited in collaboration with Krirk University Organize a scholarship public relations event for the year 2023 through an online format. With support from Office of the Private Education Commission Office of the Vocational Education Commission and the Office of the Basic Education Commission Ministry of Education, with Mr. Dou Thiqian (Mr. Dou Tiqian (Director/International Program Manager, Sino Thai Education Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Luo Yong (Mr.Luo Yong), Dean of the International College of Chinese Language and Culture, Mr. Yingsak Sittiyakorn, Assistant Vice President for Special Affairs and Ms. Chonthicha Inthachot, Educational Guidance Officer Krirk University Attend a lecture on publicizing scholarships

in publicizing scholarships Faculty from Krirk University described the management and teaching at the university. Interesting fields and professions Further development of students' future employment and planning to study abroad after graduation At the same time, we have given importance to cooperation with famous universities in the countryChina supports Thai students who study Chinese in Thailand to be able to improve their Chinese language. By laying the foundation for Chinese and Thai language and culture at the same time. For the employment and future education of students

It will provide scholarships for bachelor's and master's degrees to teachers, students, and students to promote Thai educational institutions in the field of Chinese language teaching. and to support and provide opportunities for students with good academic results to further develop at a higher level. At the same time, scholarships will be supported for students and teachersThais who have won awards in Chinese language and culture competitions in Thailand or have performed excellently in regional competitions such as the “Bridge to Chinese competition” and the Chinese Language and Culture Competition of Thailand compete for trophies “Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Chiang Mai” etc 

By supporting more than 100 scholarships. From the promotion of this scholarship, there were students and the general public who came to listen to the lecture. They paid a lot of attention to the scholarship information of Krirk University. At the end of the event, questions were asked, discussed, and information was exchangedContact to coordinate to request scholarships

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