Bodao Cup Award Ceremony, Innovation Contest and Making Online Media for the Chinese Market For vocational students, 2nd time, year 2018.Prof. 2022 was successfully completed.


Bodao Cup Award Ceremony, Innovation Contest and Making Online Media for the Chinese Market For vocational students, 2nd time, year 2018.Prof. 2022 was successfully completed.

On December 23, 2022, the ceremony to announce the results of the Bodao Cup online competition, the 2nd innovation and online media contest to the Chinese market for vocational students, year 2022.Prof. 2022 has been completed. By being honored by Dr.Niti Nachit, Advisor on Vocational Education Standards, Business and Services Office of Vocational and Professional Standards Office of the Vocational Education Commission

Mrs. Thipawan Wongwichian, Director of the Standards Group Vocational Education Business and Services Mr. Wu Honggui, Deputy Secretary-General of the National Electronic Commerce Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee (China), Assoc. Prof. Dr.Piyapongniamsap, Assistant Rector of Chiang Mai University, Ms. Lian Chen, Director of China, Confucius Institute, Chiang Mai University, Mr. Duan Jian, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Beijing Bo Tao Company. Future Technology and Information Co., Ltd. Mr. Chiang Guijuan (Miss . Jiang Guijuan (Deputy Director of Heilongjiang College of Economics and Agriculture, Mr. Somchai Uengmaitriphirom Deputy Director of Chiang Mai Technical College, Mr. Phumiphat Wanpipatphong, representative of the Thai judging committee From Phitsanulok Vocational College, Mr. Adirek Nuansri, representative of outstanding advisors in Thailand, Mr. Zhou Xing, representative of outstanding advisors in China, and Mr Dou Tiqian, Managing Director/Manager of International Cooperation Co., Ltd.Sino Thai Education Technology attended and spoke at the opening ceremony

Since the opening of applications last September. The contest has received a lot of attention from both Thai and Chinese students. This year's competition is divided into 2 categories: Category 1, Online Media Innovation Competition. and Category 2 competition, live broadcast competition There are applicants to participate in both types of contests  It has attracted more than 416 teams of 2,276 contestants from more than 193 Chinese-Thai vocational colleges, with a total of 14 teams of nationalities, and has selected 12 teams with outstanding results in the finals, compared to the competition. in the past year The number of competing teams this year has increasedObviously high, with a wider scope and a constant expansion of influence

The results of this competition  are as follows.
Competition Type 1: Online Media Innovation Competition
Team Winning Award
-The story of the future Beijing Commercial College)
1st runner-up award
-Give Me Five (北京市商业学校) Beijing Commercial College)
-Mute Lu Pang Pang(Chiang Mai Technical College)
2nd runner-up award
-The meaning of the story is the meaning of the message. Guangxi Vocational Economic and Trade College)
-多元奇点(深圳信息职业技术院 Shenzhen College of Information Technology)
-SVC ImSook(素叻他尼职业学院Suratthani Vocational College)

Competition type 2: Live broadcast competition
First prize
It is not difficult to understand the meaning of the message. Shenzhen College of Information Technology)
1st runner-up award
In the future, the world will show you the best. Lanzhou Petrochemical Vocational and Technical College)
THARNTECHNO.1(曼谷谭技术学院Technology Base College)

2nd runner-up award
The meaning of the story Beijing Xincheng Vocational School)
Ambition (南宁市第六职) Nanning Sixth Vocational Technical School)
Zhuji Arts College (诸暨技师学院)
      During the award ceremony, representatives of the judging committee, representatives of advisors, student representatives from both Thailand and China were invited to express their opinions and thanks to the organizers of the College of Advisors project and team members who contributed to the activities. Mr. Phumiphat Wanpipatphong, representative of the Thai judging committee from Phitsanulok Vocational College, said that the workof Thai students It is an outstanding work in demonstrating the way of life of local people in ASEAN countries. From the work submitted to the contest Feel the determination of Thai students. that has been publicized and broadcast food culture and Thai tourist attractions through this work and competition areVery excellent work All students are fully committed to doing it. Through this activity It is believed that every student will have more learning experiences in new dimensions. This is considered an opportunity to exchange knowledge between Thai and Chinese students online. Hopefully every student will be able to discover themselves and develop furtherFuture knowledge

    Mr. Zhou Sing (Mr. Zhou Xing, a representative of the Chinese contestants from Beijing Commercial College, said that from participating in this competition, he learned the skills of editing complex video clips. To create outstanding work Consistent with the design concept between poster and video in the same direction. Able to convey quality Thai productsGood for the Chinese market after qualifying for the qualifying round Video clips have been published on various platforms. For viewers to like, share and express their opinions. From this competition We have honed the skills needed to adapt to the development of the digital economy. Strengthen economic exchange Trade and cooperationHands between vocational colleges in Thailand and China and promote the exchange of good friendship between young entrepreneurs between Thailand and China

    After the award ceremony was completed, both Thai-Chinese leaders, faculty and students from educational institutions who participated in this competition joined together to congratulate and express their gratitude for the competition activities and award ceremony. Organizing the Thai-Chinese cooperation project competition this time. Reflects ability andA vision that has raised the level to the international level in the COVID-19 outbreak. clearly This Bodao Cup competition was successfully completed because of the efforts and strong cooperation of Thai-Chinese vocational education. In order to promote and develop youth in both countries to become entrepreneurs in the era of a full-fledged e-commerce economyThe next model in the future

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