Public relations event for scholarships to study in China from 5 famous universities Well done


Public relations event for scholarships to study in China from 5 famous universities Well done

On February 22, 2023, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., Sinothai Education Technology Co., Ltd. together with the Confucius Institute of Chulalongkorn University and the Confucius Institute of Chiang Mai University organized an event to publicize scholarships for 5 universities in China. as online supported by Office of the Private Education Promotion Commission Office of the Vocational Education Commission Office of the Basic Education Commission, with Lt. Somporn Pandam, Deputy Secretary-General of the Vocational Education Commission, Mr. Prapat Rattana Arun, Deputy Secretary-General of the Private Education Promotion Commission, and Mr. Tow Tie-Chian, President of Sinothai Education Co., Ltd. Shun Technology Co., Ltd. said at the opening ceremony.

Objectives of this event To publicize and support scholarships to study in China for students and students in Thailand To prepare for further study in higher education in China Aim to produce personnel with the ability to "Chinese language + professional skills" in order to develop personnel with skills and abilities in line with future labor market demands. It also promotes exchanges and cooperation in education, economy and trade between Thailand and China.

In this regard, the project operator has invited representatives of teachers from 5 Chinese universities, consisting of Peking University, Lanzhou University, Shanghai Ocean University, Yunnan Normal University and Xuzhou University of Technology delivered a lecture on with international student recruitment and various types of scholarships to study in China, such as Chinese government scholarships Provincial capital university scholarship and the Confucius Institute Scholarship

From publicizing the scholarship this time, more than 110 students applied to listen to the lecture, all of whom were very interested in applying for scholarships to study in China. by the end of each university lecture Questions were asked, discussed and shared information used in coordinating further scholarship applications.

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