2021 China-Thailand Cooperation "1+X E-Commerce" Vocational Skills Level Certificate Training Successfully Completion


2021 China-Thailand Cooperation "1+X E-Commerce" Vocational Skills Level Certificate Training Successfully Completion

From July 24 to 28, 2021, it was organized by the Thailand Vocational Education Council, the China E-Commerce Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee, the Confucius Institute at Chiang Mai University in Thailand, Beijing PhD Supervisor Qiancheng Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Xinnuotai Education Technology Co., Ltd. (Thailand) ) jointly held the 2021 China-Thailand Cooperation "1+X E-Commerce" Vocational Skills Level Certificate Training (First Phase) successfully concluded. ​​

This training received enthusiastic registrations from 928 students from more than 80 vocational colleges across Thailand. Finally, after passing the selection process by the course organizing committee, 80 students from 28 colleges successfully entered the training class.

This training aims to use the achievements of China's digital economy in the past 20 years and new e-commerce models to guide students to actively think about the possibility of e-commerce entrepreneurship when the epidemic is raging in Thailand, thereby helping Thailand's economic recovery from the epidemic.

The training is at the peak of the fourth wave of the epidemic in Thailand. In order to overcome the difficulties of online training and allow trainees to truly benefit from the training and take immediate action during the epidemic to open up new e-commerce opportunities, the course team specially designed "1+X PBL" model (Project-base Learning), 80 students were divided into project-based classes according to 8 products in the 4 major categories (food, health, cosmetics, tourism) promoted under the Thailand 4.0 policy, and 8 Chinese-Thai bilingual students were invited Teaching assistants with strong abilities and life experience in both countries assisted in leading the project team, forming a highly cohesive "1+X project learning capsule".

Through a large number of case analyses, teaching interactions and platform practices, the teaching team leads students to unlock everything from understanding the macro e-commerce ecosystem, innovation and entrepreneurship roadshow skills to short video production, image processing, product detail page copywriting, and store decoration. Key skills when getting started in e-commerce. Through the full cooperation of the project team, 8 outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship project road shows were completed on the fourth day, which won unanimous praise from the 8 Chinese and Thai judges.

The two tourism content products that were originally thought to be the most difficult to design, the "Elephant Live" and "Usa Farm & May Wild Honey" projects, won first and second place in the road show because of their ingenious product selection design and humanistic sentiments. Famous for good results.

Through the students’ project feedback and closing remarks, we can deeply feel that what this training brings to the students is by no means just a certificate, but also inspires their inner drive to start an e-commerce business from deep within the students’ hearts. . I believe that at the darkest moment when the epidemic is raging in Thailand, this kind of inner drive with light will definitely overcome various obstacles and lead them on a new journey.

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